High Quality Hay Delivered to Your Door

High Quality Hay For Horses


Seaside Hay Feeds sells only first quality hay period. You can see it, smell it and touch it in every bale we sell. We are certain that our standards for excellent hay quality and consistency will meet or exceed any other hay on the market! Why do we care so much about our hay? Because like you, we understand that hay is the foundation of the horse’s diet providing up to 90% of their nutritional needs.

High Quality Hay Delivered to Your Door

Seaside Hay Feeds is a top-tier hay merchant with exceptional quality hay. Our hay is cut, dried and square baled or round baled at just the right conditions to create beautiful, nutritionally-rich bales that meet the needs and quality expectations of our customers. When only the best horse hay will do, contact Seaside Hay Feeds by phone or email.

Shipments of Semi-Loads or Half-Loads

Seaside Hay Feeds can ship semi-loads or half-loads to your equestrian farm, horse facility or ranch. using our fleet of modern tractor trailers. Every driver is equipped with the latest technology to keep them in constant contact with the central office and the customer. For your convenience, ‘pup’ trailer half-loads can be dropped and picked up later. Contact Us for hay shipping availability to your area.

Exceptional Quality Hay



The Seaside Hay Feed family are a 5th generation farming and contracting business based at 8 Hylton Rd, Wilsonville , AL 35186. We have steadily grown over the last 100 years now farming 8,400 acres across Alabama  on a mixture of owned, rented and contract farmed land. Our aim of producing high yielding, high quality produce is met using progressive and sustainable farmingtechniques, which in turn delivers good returns to our customers.

Superior Hay Starts with the Soil